2.3.47 - Export Raw Data = "Error completed"

Windows 10 / 64

I had downloaded 4.3.48 and had trouble exporting. uninstalled xxx.48 and installed xxx.47. Still could not export. Then
Uninstalled xxx.47
deleted all references to Saleae including the appdata/roaming.
Installed xxx.47

Now when I export Raw Data the program no longer asks me for a filename nor where to put it. It goes to the same folder as the data have been saved and writes a csv file of size 134 bytes. On completion is provides the below


Thanks for sending that over. Once the Export Location is filled we persist that so you can easily rewrite to the same location. Here is what mine looks like when blank. Could you send a screen shot of what your dialog looks like in the Export location area?
Do the file contents look correct to you?

Hi Neel,

Below is a screenshot of the window just before I save the data (which is not saved).

Once I press “export” it goes to screenshot #2

Once I press “replace” it goes to screenshot #3 which if not grabbed quickly disappears.

The saved data looks like screenshot #4





Thanks for posting that. It looks ok up until the data export. We have a fix that we will be releasing very soon that should fix that issue. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Hi Neel,

I’ve been trying V2.3.50 Export data and I have two observations.

  1. When opening the CSV file in Excel it seems like the logic data is inverted. I’ll have to investigate more but this is my initial finding.
  2. The Export Data will only save as “digital.csv” so if one it trying to save more than one section of the data the 1st file has to be renamed before saving the 2nd file. Else it will over write the previous export.


John Forgue

Could you Save Capture (.sal extension) and then send it to us so we can take a look? Feel free to send us an email using the link below if you don’t want to share it publicly here:

For the second part we designed the saving dialog that way for users that want to repeatedly save to the same location and overwrite files, but it does make it so that in your use case you need to make additional changes to where it gets saved. How would you feel if there was an option to save it to the same directory, but add a suffix to the file name like Chrome does when you download multiple files of the same name: digital.csv, digital (1).csv, digital (2).csv?

Hi Neel,

Re: logic 2.3.50 Export inversion;

The attached file has a SAL file (one channel) a CSV and a screenshot showing the CSV is 0 when the captured data is 1.

Re: How would you feel if there was an option to save it to the same directory, but add a suffix to the file name like Chrome does when you download multiple files of the same name: digital.csv, digital (1).csv, digital (2).csv?

That would be fine, anything so they don’t over write. If you guys want to be slick, Add a check box to include the notes in the exported file. I’ve had occasion to take a lot of data from our Automotive testing. One issue is after you get back to the office, looking at your notes and trying to sort out which data when with what test.




Export inversion.zip (170 KB)

I think the export is working ok. In the picture below I took your capture and placed markers at the transitions where we should see values in the csv file. At each marker we can see the time value and then the logic value (after the marker) is correct in the csv file.

Let me know if this doesn’t line up with what you saw.

Thanks for your idea about including notes when you export raw data. I’ve added that to our ideas site: When Exporting Raw Data include a file with the contents of the notes section - Logic 2 - Ideas and Feature Requests - Saleae

Hi Neel,

Thank you for the reply.

So what are the CSV values? Is it the time of the edges? If so what value do you assign to each data point? i.e. the “0” before a rising edge? Or the “1” after the rising edge.




The time value is where the transition occurs (rising or falling edge) and the logic value is what comes after. For a rising edge at 20ns the data value would be 1 if it was a falling edge the data value would be 0. Let me know if you have any other questions!