Set color of individual analyzer frames


I am developing an HLA which concatenates bytes into messages (according to some logic).

My HLA is essentially the same as the ‘Concatenator’ HLA, but with some extra intelligence which allows it to break down the message bytes into their various components.

My logic is able to differentiate between ‘message types’. I would like to indicate the different message types by setting the color of each analyzer frame accordingly.

Is it possible to set the color of an individual analyzer frame? I have not yet been able to find anything in the documentation.

@wylieza Sorry this feature isn’t available! We’re tracking the idea below:

We’ve got a few other users who have voted for the same feature, and I’ve added a comment that links back to your forum post here so we can remember your vote for this as well.

By the way, feel free to add your vote to it as well in case you wanted to receive any status updates via email with regards to this idea post!

Thanks Tim!