Saleae - Logic 2

Serial monitor window

Usually when debugging I have a debug UART spitting out information on my boards. It would be really useful if I could take one of the pins from the analyser and use it to receive ASCII text in a separate terminal like window. Saves me having to plug in another usb device, open another terminal program. Is this possible?


Hey Trev,

I’m not sure that I understand. Would you like the data of each UART channel to be displayed on a different terminal? or would you like to use your own terminal instead of the built-in one?

Thanks for the feedback!

I want the option to display ASCII uart data like a terminal program. So it displays lines of text, \n\r stuff is processed\ etc. You know when you connect to a the debug port of a linux board for example and you get the full boot messages? It would be nice to be able to use a logic analyser to read that data in whilst doing other stuff as well.

Have you tried the serial terminal?

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Hi, have finally sat down to debug some work and can properly explain the requirement. I have a unit that I am debugging. I have serial data coming out that gives me useful messages. It would be nice to be able to read them properly like a terminal window. The Terminal output doesn’t format well as can be seen from the screenshot.

Being able to use a pin or 2 of the analyzer as a serial connection with properly formatted data would be a nice feature.

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You’re absolutely right. The issue is the output format of the analyzers and we’re working on fixing that (Async Serial for a start).

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Well if the data could be streamed to a network port maybe something like putty could pick it up and it would save you a job?

We can stream it to a network port, however, I’m not sure how it’d help if the format is “broken”.

Well once fixed if each analyser could output to a port that would be great

Can you elaborate on that? What’s the purpose of streaming it to a network port?
I want to make sure that we’ll build this feature correctly

If its streamed to a port I think putty can pick it up and that means the debug data window is outside of the saleae app. I can resize the putty window and move it to a different display.

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