Faster Low Level Protocol Analysis


I am capturing 8-channel TDM audio data using Logic 2.4.4 and I use a TDM Analyzer to generate raw PCM files. For parsing 5 minute long capture, it takes about 10 minutes. Can you please give ideas on speeding this up. Analyzer SW code is not publicly available. I am unable to share that here as a zip.

I believe the optimizations will most likely be part of the workerThread. Please advise.


@rohit.walavalkar There could be several factors besides your source code that might be contributing to this, including PC specifications, our app’s performance limitations, etc. Before diving into recommendations for your source code, can you give us an idea of the following?

  • Data rate of the TDM signal
  • Which channels are configured for which TDM signal
  • Approximately how many protocol data bubbles are produced for the 5 minute capture
  • Your PC specifications
  • Your capture settings (sampling rate, enabled channels)

Alternatively, it may be best for us to try and reproduce the issue, assuming your can provide us with your TDM analyzer lib file and source code. If so, feel free to send me a message (provide a link to this forum post so I know it’s from you) using the link below and we can chat via email if you prefer.