Custom Low-level analyzer Available for Search

I’ve written two LLAs. The signals of interest can toggle with a pulse width of 130 ns. One of the signals has up to six toggles before it goes inactive (logic 0)

I’m noticing that in the Analyzers side-window, one of them shows a bubble usually with a check mark, and the other one starts at 100% but decreases to 4-5% after several seconds. Why is this? Is it because the analyzer isn’t keeping up with the datastream?


  • Laurie

@lauriekermes Good question. When the green checkmark appears next to the particular analyzer name, it means that all of the decoded data should be visible above the waveform via the colored bubbles.

I’m surprised that you’re seeing the checkmark during a capture. If the capture is ongoing and the analyzer is all caught up, it should hover around 100% and drop a few % every now and then when it’s processing new data, but it shouldn’t be showing the checkmark. The checkmark should only appear when the capture has stopped.

When your other analyzer is dropping to 4-5%, it’s usually because the analyzer is not keeping up with the datastream. If you were to stop the capture early, you should notice the 4-5% value count upwards again as it catches up.

Thanks Tim - One other detail; the analyzer never caught up. Then I looked at the debugger and saw a string function caught an exception.
Another step forward.

  • Laurie