Cannot capture within a short duration (less than 100 ms)

I would like to capture signals within a very short duration (less than 100 ms). However, whenever I set a small value in the “Stop recording after” setting, e.g., 10 ms, and start capturing, the software always reset the value to 100 ms. Is this a limitation of the software or did I miss something?


Oh, interesting. Thanks for bringing this up. It looks like we set the minimum duration limit to 100 ms in the text box for setting the capture duration. I believe this is an intentional limit, but I’ll double check.

In the meantime, you can specify a “Trim data after stopping” value to automatically trim the capture down to 10ms once it’s complete, keeping the most recent data.

Another issue I caught is that, if 100 ms is specified as the “Stop recording after” value, the capture length ends up being a little longer than it.