Welcome to the Saleae Alpha user's group!

This is the place to try out the Alpha Logic software and give us feedback.

All feedback is read by the entire development team. You will be heard loud and clear.

Low Expectations, please:

By the time this software is released from alpha it will be polished, and it will be awesome.

But right now, it is none of those things.

  • It has contrast and color issues
  • It uses Google Chrome (temporarily)
  • It has very few features
  • Many things don’t work properly
  • Many aspects of it are terrible!

What is ready for initial feedback

  • Timing display across the top
  • Analog channel, Digital channel
  • Capture settings flyout
  • Analog measurements
  • Digital measurements
  • Analog vertical zoom, vertical pan (CTRL/CMD-Scroll, SPACE-click-and-drag - for now)
  • Analog vertical voltage display
  • Timing markers
  • Digital trigger (for staring the capture)

What is extremely rough

  • Tabs
  • Sidebar (progress display, etc)
  • Menu

What is not there at all

  • Protocol analyzers
  • Annotations
  • Export
  • Save/load
  • Screenshots

Common Objections

  • What is up with using Google Chrome?
    • This is only temporary.
  • Why is everything so dark and hard to read?
    • Because it currently sucks. It won’t much longer.
  • You’re not using QT - does that mean this is going to suck?
    • We will not be satisfied until this is totally polished and 60+ fps buttery smooth. So no, it’s going to be awesome.