Python console


I’m writing an extension.
1- Is there a way to show a python console?
2- My result is not a predefined number of values. ( I count pulses in bursts separated by a minimum time, so depending of the measurement, the number of bursts is unknow at development time). Is there a way to display a list of values? Even console is good for me… :smiley:


Unfortunately not at the moment. We do have this for high-level analyzers (HLAs) but not measurements.

In the meantime, I recommend writing your logs to a text file, say on your desktop, for development. I suggest then following the file with a command like tail -f if you’re on MacOS or Linux. (On Windows, I use tail from the WSL terminal)

On Windows you can also install Cygwin to get all the handy command line tools from the Linux world. Regarding “tail -f”, try giving “less +F” a shot. Stop using tail -f (mostly)
You can stop the scrolling behavior with CTRL-C and navigate the file, then continue the scrolling behavior again by typing “F” (Shift-F)